A Self-Help Recovery Emotional Guide to Understand the Causes of Narcissism and How to Survive Narcissistic Abuse in Any Kind of Relationship

You've never met a narcissist before and are now subject to their personality disorder?

Are you in the throes of an abusive relationship with a narcissist?

People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder have an elitist, superior attitude, lack empathy and compassion for others, and feel everything in their life is much more important than anyone else and can be cruel to people who pose a threat to their exaggerated vision of themselves.

The causes of this personality disorder have no answer that is definitive in pinpointing how the narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) manifests or at what age. It is possibly the combination of particular personality traits and external triggers.
There is research that points to the suggestion that abuse, genetics, and other issues can contribute to how narcissistic personality disorder can develop.

The disorder has been found to be particularly hurtful and traumatic to people who have had relationships with narcissists. A person who is well-balanced has healthy relationships with their family, friends, and co-workers and have many characteristics that a narcissist does not possess poses a threat to a person with NPD.

The narcissist's condition will trigger obsessive envy and feelings of low self-esteem, the true feelings that are masked by their superior posturing and will prompt them to attack that person by devaluing them, bringing down their self-esteem and insulting them either in public or in private; it really doesn't matter to the narcissist. They lack empathy and compassion.
People who are involved in a relationship with a person with NPD need to understand what type of narcissist they are dealing with. There are a number of types and sub-types, each with their unique characteristics.

There is so much information that is contained in this book for you to discover and understand the narcissistic personality disorder.  Some of the highlights are:

  • A clear definition and explanation of narcissistic personality disorder
  • The signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder
  • Why narcissists feel they're superior to everyone else and the real underlying reasons why they feel that way and treat others poorly
  • Different types of narcissistic types and why there is one type that a person really should never become involved with
  • Victims of narcissistic abuse and how cruel and hurtful a narcissistic abusive relationship can damage the victim's self-esteem and spirit and the difficulty of letting this type of relationship go
  • The stages of recovery that a victim of narcissistic abuse needs to go through to in order to get healed and whole again
  • ...and much, much more!

If you are interested on learning about narcissistic personality disorder and its effects on the people who suffer from it as well as the people who suffer from being in abusive relationships with a person with this type of disorder, this book is for you.

After reading this book you will know much more about the narcissistic personality disorder and understand its effects on others, and how a person may be involved with them.