A Self Help Guide to Manage and Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder, Improve Your Social Confidence and Stop Being Afraid of Social Interaction

What exactly is social anxiety?

Why do people get social anxiety?

Need a self-help strategy for social anxiety disorder?

Social anxiety is among anxiety disorders that include panic disorder and general anxiety disorders. Previously, anxiety condition was regarded as a social phobia but classifying it as social anxiety disorder opens up the mental condition for comprehensive study with significant contribution to eliciting responsive treatment.

Against this backdrop, this book presented in a simple and flowing language what constitutes social anxiety and ways of managing it. The following is a comprehensive exploration of the issue of anxiety condition where the first four chapters explored the causes and progression of social anxiety condition.

  • What is social anxiety?
  • What is social anxiety disorder?
  • When does social anxiety need treatment?
  • What are the symptoms of extreme social anxiety?

With the reader fully furnished on what is social anxiety, it is necessary to introduce the reader to existing treatments for an anxiety condition. Some of the treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and psychodynamic model of social anxiety. Each of these treatments assumes a particular approach with specific outcomes. However, cognitive behavioral therapy emerged as one of the effective therapy treatments for an anxiety condition.

  • Therapy of social anxiety
  • Alternative treatments for social anxiety

Within social anxiety condition, they are different sub-types of social anxiety, and these should be recognized to allow for adjusting overall treatment to respond to the particular scope of the anxiety. For instance, an individual whose anxiety arises from a traumatic event may need a different therapy plan compared to one who is afraid of mingling with the public with no history of trauma. The book dedicates an entire chapter on the causes of social anxiety to make the reader understand the condition deeper.

  • What are the types of anxiety conditions?
  • What is a social anxiety attack?
  • What causes social anxiety?

Having understood comprehensively what constitutes social anxiety, it is important to suggest other forms of treatment that can be implemented at a personal level and with minimal resources. For instance, developing and improving social skills can enhance social confidence. The book takes the view that one will not always be under constant therapy and pharmacological interventions and this calls for developing other ways of managing anxiety condition at the personal level, and these are captured in the following chapters.

  • What natural remedies are used for social anxiety?
  • Improve social skills to stop social anxiety
  • Improve your social confidence
  • A self-help strategy for social anxiety disorder

Against this backdrop, this book is informational, a reference and self-help kit for individuals with an anxiety condition. The book uses a neutral and understanding tone that the reader will find the book a companion and tool for combating social anxiety disorder.